Hayward Critter Automatic Pool Vacuums

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If you own an above-ground pool and don’t want to spend your time vacuuming the pool, stop reading this article and go get yourself a Hayward vacuuming critter.

Hayward makes a family of above ground pool vacuums. They are appropriately named Wanda the Whale (the one I purchased), AquaBug and Diver Dave. The vacuums cost a bit over $100 and come with everything you need for a clean pool bottom.

Vacuum Easy Assembly

The one thing you’ll note once you get your Hayward vacuum is that it’s light weight and extremely easy to assemble. The hose that connects the device to the pool skimmer comes in sections. Use as many sections as needed for your pool size (there is 32 feet of hose).

Basically, all you have to do is place the vacuum in the pool and attach the hose through the skimmer (they provide a cone-shaped adapter to attach the hose to the skimmer).

Pool owners know that it’s important to keep air out of the connecting hose. Pool filters don’t like air. Because the hose comes in sections, you can Wanda the Whaletake the sections apart; submerge them under water until the air is out. No need to go through extensive tricks to remove the air from the hose.

Plug and Play

Similar to computer devices, once you plug it into the skimmer all you need to do is turn the filter on. The Hayward critter begins suctioning the dirt from the bottom of the pool. It slowly goes from one side to the other sucking up everything in its path.

Because the critters are so cute, children may be tempted to play with it. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY IN THE POOL WHILE THE POOL CRITTER IS WORKING. The suction is strong and you don’t want little toes or fingers caught underneath the critter.

AquaCritter Leaf Canister

Hayward recommends purchasing a leaf canister if your pool has a lot of leaves and twigs on the bottom. When I used Wanda the Whale there was an above average amount of leaves at the bottom. Wanda cleaned them just fine without the need for the canister.

When I put Wanda away, I also cleaned out the pool pump basket. I didn’t really see a need to spend the additional $50 or so for the leaf canister.

To sum it all up, Hayward’s automatic vacuums are a must have if you don’t want to spend your all of your spare time cleaning your above-ground pool.

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